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Training is an essential resource for businesses and professionals, who live in a rapidly changing environment but nevertheless need to meet the constant challenges posed by the markets and competitiveness.

For that reason, ASPAPEL is completely renewing its 2014 personnel training programme, with a range of intelligent courses designed to back and support companies' own-in-house training programs.


new training model

Ten reasons for a new training program:

  • It identifies, encompasses and solves the real training needs of companies and professionals in our sector.
  • It is conceived to form parte of each firm's own training scheme.
  • Top experts from companies in the sector collaborate actively in its design: Training Work Group.
  • As well as renewing classic paper-related issues, it also covers the latest subjects of interest emerging within the sector.
  • Not only does it aim to teach new knowledge but also to develop current skills even further.
  • It includes seminar-workshops incorporating real case studies.
  • It offers a flexible format with options to hold courses in the classroom, on line or in-house.
  • For the first time, it includes collaboration with business schools.
  • It responds to the change of models set out in the new ASPAPEL Strategic Plan.

what do we offer?

Renovated classic paper-related issues and on- line training
Five renovated "classic paper issues". Highly successful intensive courses and seminarse on paper technology such as the Paper Industry Immersion Course, now into its 18th edition.

Emerging subjects and changes in regulations
Eleven seminars on policy issues of interest to the sector: regulatory framework for cogeneration, European regulation on wood and wood products, green footprints as environmental indicators, logistics and transport and food safety in the papeer industry.

Occupational Health and Safety
Two seminarse on action in case of serious accident and on OHSAS integration and management (directed at managers), given by CPL Occupational Health & Safety Consultants at the ASPAPEL head offices, with and optional in-company program.
Four courses only available in-company: two theoretical-practical courses on fire-fighting by PREVINSA; another one on safety in forklift truck operations by ADECCO TRAINING, and a fourth course for middle management on responsibilities in OHSAS, to be given by CPL OHS Consultants.

Environment and energy
Two technical seminars on operational control of treatment plants, taught by CTAIMA at the ASPAPEL head offices, with an optional in-company program.

Skills development
Seven courses on team management, performance management, mentoring, lean manufacturing, leadership, use of social networks for recruitment and presentations PREZI, by PLAN FUTURE, BAN CONSULTANTS, HAY GROUP, Leanbox, LUKKAP and PRESENTATIONS BIZ in ASPAPEL headquarters, with option in-company program.

In-company courses and collaboration with business schools
Fifteen in-company courses on occupational risk prevention, environment, energy and skills development.
Executive Programs on Finance, taught by the Institute of Business and ESIC

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