Sustainability / the circular bioindustry of paper and its decarbonisation


The pulp & paper industry is a circular bioindustry at the forefront of industrial decarbonisation.
In fact, the paper industry involves dual circularity: the natural circularity of its bio character (manufacture of bioproducts from renewable natural sources), and the social and industrial circularity of its recycling (recyclable bioproducts that after being used are massively recycled).
Bio-economy and circular economy are the two cornerstones of a new economy based on sustainable consumption. The combination of these two new paradigms allows for better and more efficient use of resources.
Circular bioindustry means renewable raw materials, sustainable products, efficient use of resources, all with a circular approach. This dual concept is a powerful means of speeding up progress towards a low-carbon economy, and within this industrial transformation, the circular bio-economy of paper is a clear model destined to lead the new economy.

Based on this vision, the pulp and paper sector’s objectives in terms of sustainability are grouped around four main lines of action by the sector: sustainable forest management, efficient and responsible production processes, generation of wealth and contribution to the quality of life, and leadership in recovery and recycling.


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