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Recognition to the workers of Paper Industry. The paper value chain works so that basic necessities are not lacking

DÍPAPEL: The paper Value Chain shows how much this industry has to say and its contribution to the Spanish Economy
Annual event of the Paper Value Chain industry held on 28.03.2019 at the Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid with more than 350 participants
Interviews to members of the Spanish Forum of Paper for Reciclying

Interviews to members of the Spanish Forum of Paper for Reciclying and report to the Paper and Cardboard Recovery sector (processes, paper cycle, circular economy, future) .

Presentation of the Spanish Forum of Paper for Reciclyng

Brief presentation of the Spanish Forum of Paper for Reciclying, its activity, purpose, representativeness, member companies, areas of work and some examples of actions carried out during 2016. (in Spanish only)

PapelVISIÓN 2017

Paper appears to the world through the eyes of its external and internal interest groups. That is why PapelVISIÓN is born, to respond to its concerns, needs and expectations. Behind the paper, which responds to so many consumer needs, there is a large industry, supported by its investors. (in Spanish only)

PAPELVISIÓN Paper looks for you

PapelVISIÓN, the paper looks for you. A new way of seeing and living the world. Dear daughter, dear son, these words are for you in the future. In the past, I didn't worry about the future, but - now that I have you with me- I think a lot in how I want the world to be for you ... (in Spanish only)

Paper Sustainability Report 2015

The Sustainability Report 2015 of the paper industry includes the work done in the period 2011-2014, in which there are very significant milestones, with especially significant breakthroughs in the sector for sustainability aspects. This video is a quick tour by large numbers of a sector that generates added value and wealth, which creates jobs, invests and innovates.

¿La abrimos?

Pocas cosas, desde nuestra más tierna infancia, despiertan tanto nuestra curiosidad como una caja cerrada. ¿Qué habrá dentro?. ¿Será para mí?. ¿Quién lo manda?. Nuestra caja guarda en su interior un sinfín de historias de papel que te resultarán muy familiares.

Paper values

Paper is natural, recyclable, valuable, essential and main character of the new bioeconomy.

The paper unfold the future

Report of the event The paper unfold the future, held on March 20, 2013.

Young Europeans - Paper is key

Promotional video: Relationship between young Europeans and paper.

Your role is recycling

Promotional Video: Hello friends, I am the paper fiber. I can be a foil or a brick, a magazine, paper towels, a book, a cereal box, a newspaper, a bag of dog food, a corrugated cardboard box ....

What is Edufores?

Promotional video: Man is forgetting the importance of forests in his life ....

Audiovisual Catalogue of Critical and Preventive Measures in Paper Industry

Brief presentation of this project that provides training materials for the sector.

Living paper

Promotional video: How paper appears everyday in you live, waking, to know, to plan, to receive, to taste, to cure, to excite, to celebrate, to share, to entice, to fly, to grow .... to live paper.

Tree, Paper, Planet

Promotional video: Paper wrapping gift, gift that comes to person, person who inhabits planet, planet planted with trees, trees that absorb carbon, carbon fixed in paper, paper helping the planet, planet where you live....

Paper in my life

Promotional video: Sometimes I imagine myself in 10, 20, 50 years and I wonder what my future will be....