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In 2015, Spanish paper mills recycled 5.2 million tons of paper and board (2.5% more than in the previous year). In the EU, only Germany exceeded that volume.
Local procurement: closing the cycle
Our industry's recycling capacity ensures that all paper and board collected in Spain will be recycled here, thus closing the cycle in this country. In fact, in 2015, 4.6 million tons were collected, while the industry recycled 5.2 million tons. 69% of the paper recycled in 2014 by the Spanish paper industry was locally sourced, while the remaining 31% was imported from neighbouring countries (France and Portugal).
The overall collection of paper and board for recycling (including selective municipal collection via the blue bin, door-to-door retail collection and waste disposal centres, plus paper collected by private operators from supermarkets, industries, printers...) grew by 2.9% in 2015 to reach 4.6 million tons.
New times, new initiatives
Now that it has been running for ten years, ASPAPEL is renewing its prestigious Tu Papel 21 certification for town councils and municipalities, through which it offers expertise, recognition and visibility in the continuous improvement of municipal handling of selective paper and board collection. While maintaining its keen technical standards, the programme has improved its formula, retaining what was best in its previous stage and incorporating new features, such as an annual assessment and more agile operations backed by an online portal.
Another initiative in order to continue working but with renewed enthusiasm was launched in 2015 within ASPAPEL, namely Spanish Forum of Paper for Recycling, an open platform directed at all companies in the paper and board collection and recovery sector, aimed creating value along the paper and board recycling chain, with an integrated strategic vision of the sector. The 12 companies currently participating handle over 55% of the paper and board for recycling collected in Spain.


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