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The material of the future
Paper is the material of the future, because not only does it have significant environmental properties - natural, renewable, recyclable and biodegradable -, but it also combines versatility with innovation.
Paper is the material of the post-oil era: cellulose fibre biocomposites, hi-tech moulded, extruded or assembled products... today's consumers demand solutions such as the ones the paper industry is developing in the field of printed electronics and nanotechnology: complete electronic circuit boards or RFIB printed paper labels, nanocellulose insulation... The sector is also offering the market packaging solutions with communication functions as well as increasingly sophisticated protection. And to make life easier and more comfortable, paper products are designed with superpowers, like toilet paper that cleans piping, packaging that chills champagne or white wine, cardboard with a layer of activated charcoal that absorbs odours and protects against the migration
of unwanted substances...
A capital-investing, export sector —the engine of a powerful value chain
Among the six major European producers in the sector, the Spanish paper industry was the fastest growing in 2015. Capital investment (177 million euros) remained in line with the previous year, which had marked the beginning of a new investment cycle with growth of 23%. The 228 million euro CAPEX planned for 2016 confirms that investment trend, with a further increase of 29%.
Exports, which had been a safe haven for the sector and reached record highs during the crisis, have come down following the recovery of the domestic market but nevertheless still account for 57% of turnover. In 2015, Spain exported 45% of paper and 44% of the pulp it produced.
The Spanish pulp and paper making sector is the engine of a powerful value chain, creating employment and wealth. Starting with forest plantations, the chain covers pulp and paper making and its transformation into boxes, bags, books, newspapers, magazines and a host of products, and ends with the collection and treatment of used paper for final recycling in a paper mill, thus accounting for 3% of Spanish GDP.


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