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Bioeconomy and the circular economy
Paper products, present in all aspects of our daily life (trade, transport,education, culture, leisure, healthcare, hygiene...), combine versatility with their environmental properties. Few products such as paper can satisfactorily meet the requirements of the new paradigms of the circular economy and bioeconomy.
Being natural, biodegradable, recyclable and massively recycled, paper products are bio-products integrated in the natural cycle. 
On top of that, paper and the paper industry have a significant innovative potential. Some of the latest lines of innovation in the paper sector serve as examples: the use of cellulose fibres from new natural sources, bio-composites, printed electronics, micro-fibrillated cellulose, new packaging concepts and new daily uses and applications that have never before been seen.
New investment cycle and reactivation of exports
Within a scenario of global uncertainty and fragile recovery, the Spanish paper sector is responding with strong investments and a re-positioning towards products of greater projection and added value. Capital investments by the sector in 2016 amounted to €328 million, representing 7.7% of turnover and an increase of 85% over the previous year, within the framework of the investment cycle initiated in 2014. The investments planned for 2017
amount to €372 million.
The Spanish paper industry is an eminently exporting sector. It exports 55% of the pulp and 46% of the paper it manufactures and 57% of the sector's turnover comes from foreign trade. The EU accounts for 61% of Spanish paper exports and 85% of pulp exports.
The Spanish pulp and papermaking sector is the engine of a powerful value chain, creating jobs and wealth from forest plantations, through pulp and papermaking and its transformation into boxes, bags, books, newspapers, magazines and an endless number of products, to the collection and treatment of paper for recycling in a
paper mill, all of which accounts for a turnover equivalent to 3% of Spanish GDP


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