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Reusable packaging is more ecological than recyclable

Myth: Reusable packaging is more ecological than recyclable


Cardboard packaging optimises use of resources through an integrated, sustainable cycle

Paper and cardboard containers and packaging: natural, renewable, recyclable and biodegradable

Recyclable  packaging reduces the environmental impact more effectively than reuse, through an integrated, sustainable, environmentally responsible cycle:

Optimises  the  use  of  resources. Paper packaging is 100% recyclable and biodegradable and manufactured from a natural, renewable source such as wood. Nearly 85% of the raw material used in manufacturing corrugated cardboard boxes is obtained from recycling.

Optimises the logistics processes and reduces contaminating emissions from transport. Provides custom protection and design. Is able to adopt as many shapes and sizes as required by the product. Transports product, not air: less trucks are required to transport the same amount of merchandise.  

There is no health risk. With cardboard, each product is in a new packaging: with a new package, there is no risk of contamination from previous use.  

After use
100% biodegradable and a leader in recovery and recycling.

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