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The pulp and paper industry: A hi-tech, expanding industry

Myth: Paper is more polluting than other materials and media


Highly positive balance in favour of paper

The carbon footprint of paper is lower than that of other materials

Paper books and electronic books: Only by reading more than 33 e-books of 360 pages each one, during the life cycle of an electronic book, may the device become preferable to paper from the point of view of mitigating climate change. Centre for Sustainable Communications - Royal Institute of Technology KTH Sweden (Borggren & Moberg) -Pappersbok och elektronisk bok pa läsplatta, 2010

Printed newspaper and digital newspaper: Reading a printed newspaper has less impact on global warming than reading the news on the Internet for 30 minutes. Centre for Sustainable Communications - Royal Institute of Technology KTH Sweden (Moberg, Johansson, Finnveden y Jonsson) - Screening environmental life cycle assessment of printed, web based and tablet e-paper newspaper, 2007

Electronic mail: Office e-mail users emit 131 kilos of CO2 equivalent per annum (including both spam as well as legitimate messages). McAfee - ICF International - The Carbon Footprint of email Spam Report, 2009

Postal mail (on paper): the emissions associated with postal mail received annually per home amount to 14 kilos of CO2, that are equivalent to the emissions of five cheeseburgers or a 70 kilometre car journey. EMIP European Mail industry Platform - The Fact of our Value Chain, 2009

Corrugated  cardboard  packaging:  If  Spain  were  to  replace  reusable  plastic  packaging  with  corrugated cardboard packaging, it would lower the annual CO2 emissions by 133,480 tonnes, as much as if 78,518 cars were taken off the road. José Luis Nueno y Pedro Videla - IESE - Analysis of the economic and environmental impact of corrugated cardboard packaging industries compared with reusable plastic, 2009

Paper bags: The carbon footprint of Kraft paper bags is half those of LDPE (for a large bag, 41 grams of CO2 equivalent if paper compared with 87 grams if it is plastic; for a small bag, 14 grams of CO2 equivalent if paper and 28 grams if plastic). Asociación Cluster del Papel de Euskadi - Factor CO2  - Improving sustainability of the paper sector. Carbon footprint study of the paper sector in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country, 2009

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