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The pulp and paper industry: A hi-tech, expanding industry

Myth: Consumers no longer read on paper


According to the surveys, consumers want to continue to use paper media

78% of internet users read paper magazines and 70% read printed newspapers

According to the largest and most recent research into the matter, the Paper Survey in Spain conducted by TECEL ESTUDIOS-SIGMADOS for Foro del Papel, in April 2012, with a thousand interviews nationwide of respondents over 18 years old, the consumers emphasised the emotional values of the paper media and wished to continue to use it, considering it compatible with the electronic media:

  • They feel paper is nearer and more pleasant than other products and technologies (81%).
  • They defend that there should continue to be paper media for books (91%) and for newspapers and magazines (77%).
  • They consider that in a sustainable economy, it would be appropriate for printed books to cohabit with electronic books (87%)
  • They want to continue to receive their invoices and bank balances on paper (60%).

78%  of  internet  users  affirm  they  have  read  a  printed magazine  in  the  last  six  months and 51% affirm they have read some paper magazine in the last period (week if it is a weekly magazine, month if it is a montly one, etc.) Q Panel AIMC Magazines consumption 2014

70,4% of internet users affirm they have read a printed newspaper in the last month and 36% at least a printed newspaper per day. Q Panel AIMC Newspapers 2015

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