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Raw materials: Paper is planted and recycled

Spain is becoming a desert

Myth: Spain is becoming a desert


Spain in one of the countries in the world with the largest increase in forest area

Most forested European countries: Russia, Sweden, Finland and Spain

The largest forest areas in Europe are those of Russia, Sweden, Finland, Spain and France

(FAO: Global Forest Resource Assessment 2015).
In Spain, forests have increased:
1990 - 13,8 million hectares
2000 - 17,0 million hectares
2005 - 17,3 million hectares
2010 - 18,2 million hectares
2015 - 18,4 million hectares

(DG Rural Development and Forestry Policy MAGRAMA)

Annual wood felling in Spain for all uses are 32% annual growth in wood

(ASPAPEL: Statistical report 2014).

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