Paper / Mitos

Raw materials: Paper is planted and recycled

Forests are destroyed to make paper

Myth: Forests are destroyed to make paper


More paper = More trees

Wood for paper is grown in plantations

Declining natural forest due "mainly to the conversion of forest to cropland". FAO: Global Forest Resource Assessment 2015

- Paper is NOT manufactured from hardwood, from exotic species from tropical forests, nor from deciduous or evergreen oaks or beech.

- The wood used for paper making are fast growing species (mainly eucalyptus and pine in Spain), that is purpose grown in forest plantations that are being continually regenerated and replanted and that would not otherwise exist.
- The Spanish paper sector manufactures about two million tonnes of cellulose per annum, for which it uses about six million cubic metres of eucalyptus and pine wood, grown for that purpose in forest plantations, that are planted and maintained for that purpose. 

ASPAPEL: Statistical Report 2014

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