Sustainability / The mill, the workers

Papermaking using less energy and less water, and with a cascading use of raw materials, by turning waste into resources, is the working philosophy of an innovative industry in terms of its processes and products.
Biomass and cogeneration

The Paper Industry in Spain leads the production and use of renewable energy from biomass. 28% of the fuel used in 2015 (compared to 23% in 2014) was biomass and biogas, the rest being covered by natural gas.
The Industry's mills produce most of the energy it uses in efficient CHP plants (with an installed capacity of 1,086 MW). The sector generated 5.4 million MWh (6% more than 2014) and produced 7.8 million tonnes of pulp and paper (-1.3%), while its CO2 emissions went down by 2.9%.
Optimising the use and consumption of water

The sector has a long tradition in optimising its use of water. Compared to the year 2000, total water use has dropped by 32%, even though pulp and paper production was 20% higher in 2015 than 15 years ago. Last year, pulp making required the use of 36 m3of water per tonne of end product, of which only 3 m3were consumed (i.e. incorporated into the final product or evaporated in the process), while the rest was returned after being suitably treated and re-used internally. Water usage rate in papermaking stood at 8 m3per tonne, of which consumption was just 2 m3.
80% of process waste is re-used

In 2015, 80% of waste from papermaking processes was given a new lease of life in direct agricultural use or as compost, was recycled as a raw material for other industries or was used as energy source.
Commitment to OHS

In collaboration with trade unions, ASPAPEL undertakes an ambitious OHS programme that is actively followed by the sector's companies. Despite a slight rebound in 2015, accident rates have been halved over the last ten years (2006-2015): the incident rate has dropped from 58 to 31.5, accident frequency rate has gone down from 35 to 18, and accident severity from 2 to 0.6.


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